Thursday 9 December 2010
The latest version of TinyBrowser is now released into the wild. v1.42 is available for download.
CMS - 1.12 - Pohnpei

TinyBrowser File Manager Features

The TinyBrowser file browser has the following features:


  • Integrates as a custom file manager within TinyMCE for image, media and 'all' file types
  • Adobe Flash based file uploader, supporting multiple file selection and upload with file type and size filtering (permission based)
  • Security / vunerability audited code
  • Browse files with a list view or as thumbnails (images only)
  • List view has image thumbnail on hover
  • File display order customisable e.g. by name, type, size, date
  • Find function to filter results by search string
  • Display detailed file information such as type, size and dimensions (images only)
  • File deletion facility (permission based)
  • File edit facility (permission based) - rename, resize and rotate (last two images only)
  • File storage location user definable for each file type
  • Optional session control
  • Folder support, including rename, move and delete
  • User storage quota limits
  • Multi-lingual support, with several languages supported (and modular addition of others)
  • Many user definable settings, all from central configuration file

tinybrowser is a great all round addition for any cms system which utilises TinyMCE plugin. Derek used the plugin to great effect when it was integrated into the back of their website.

For IT Services and computer services you can still use a CMS system to manage your website.