Thursday 9 December 2010
The latest version of TinyBrowser is now released into the wild. v1.42 is available for download.
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TinyMCE File Manager Plugin | TinyBrowser

TinyBrowser Website File Manager

A custom file manager / image manager plugin developed for the popular TinyMCE content editor.
TinyBrowser is a TinyMCE file manager featuring an easy to use multiple file upload facility and file edit functions. It was created to compliment the TinyMCE WYSIWYG content editor, which does not include a file manager as standard. TinyBrowser also supports standalone operation, for integration into your web application.


TinyBrowser currently only functions with TinyMCE 3.x versions - this is due to major changes in the TinyMCE core for version 4. We are working on an update that will add support for version 4 but don't currently have an ETA.

Screen Shots of the TinyBrowser

Browse files in detail viewBrowse files in thumbnail viewAdobe flash multiple file uploadEdit file properties

Download TinyBrowser

TinyBrowser File Manager - Single Domain Licence - £5.00 £2.50

TinyBrowser File Manager - Multiple Domain Licence - £30.00 £15.00

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